Christian event speaker, Barb Marchuk uses 'His Song Ministries' to share her testimony with others, primarily women, who may find themselves searching for answers to life's challenges and hurts.

Barb Marchuk is a singer, songwriter and event speaker. She brings “My Story, His Glory” to churches, women’s conferences, retreats, retirement homes, Christian women’s business groups, and prisons. Barb travels with His Song Ministries to speak to the heart of someone that needs to hear her message and know that someone understands.

Barb has been where you are - and can attest to the incredible love and mercy that is available in Jesus Christ.

His Song Poster

" ' My Story' includes pages of abuse, trauma, and the shame and guilt carried for decades caused by both 'others' actions as well as consequences of my own poor choices; but the overall theme is one of 'His Glory'; the grace, and the mercy, of an ever-present-Saviour, that restores, redeems and heals."